With only a few weeks until the 2016 Presidential elections, all candidates have been busy campaigning throughout the country and throwing potshots at whoever topped the most recent SWS or Pulse Asia survey. In the online campaign trail however, one candidate has managed to stand out, at least in the website category.

Liberal party and administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas’ website (http://marroxas.com/) is informative, feature complete, loads relatively fast, and is well constructed in terms of information architecture, with his governance plans and commitments front and center in the homepage. It even has a very cool albeit complex timeline in the about section. Mar’s website ranks on the top of our list of 2016 presidential campaign websites: Mayor Duterte and Senator Cayetano’s website comes in at 2nd, the sense of identity crisis we feel from http://gracepoe.ph/ lands it at 3rd, and the dated website of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is 4th. And just to put it out there, Vice President Jejomar Binay didn’t even bother.

Now, the best thing about Mar Roxas’ website isn’t even any of the features previously described. The best thing about it is the site’s 404 page. A 404 page is a website’s default page that appears when the page/URL being accessed doesn’t exist within the said website. If you visit http://google.com/ahejaeq, you’ll see Google’s 404 page. MarRoxas.com’s 404 page is this:

Mar 404

Yes, old boy scout Mar managed to incorporate his party’s “Daang Matuwid” slogan in his website’s 404 page – with an actual daan na matuwid for a background image (the daang matuwid text links back to the homepage). This is, bar none, the most clever integration of a campaign slogan into a campaign website’s 404 page in the history of campaign website 404 pages (whew). At least the website is in line with the liberal party’s mandate of  unnecessarily shoving “Daang Matuwid” down our throats.

As for the worst part of the website, it’s actually just a small bit in the site footer.


Yes, just a small bit where Mar’s site completely rips off the note at the footer of United States Democratic Party Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ website (down to the font). Mar’s website is even proudly claiming that the site was made with “experience and competence”, and yet the site wasn’t competent enough to make the said claim in a form which wasn’t shamelessly copied from another website. So what happened to the straight and narrow path that Mar and his party claim they walk on? Surely they know there’s nothing straight about plagiarism. Oh well. Mar will learn from this for sure. He hasn’t taken credit for something he didn’t really do before, right? right?