Dear Big Philippine Companies, Your Business Will Become a Digital Service Whether You Like It or Not

It’s inevitable. Regardless of industry, market, customers, or other relevant factors, it will happen sooner or later. Whether you offer goods or services, customers will demand that you become accessible via the digital space. They will demand on social media, via direct feedback on official communication lines, or in earnings reports showing reduced transactions from traditional means. It’s a race to recognizing that “digital transformation” is no longer just lip service and a frequent buzzword in seminars or conventions, but a necessity for a company’s continued growth, relevance, and profitability.

A lot of businesses have already loaded up for the digital arms race. They have websites and apps for their products and services. They support online payments and digital wallets, opening up to payment mechanics like “tap to pay”, which can only be described as 21st century magic. Social media presence for companies and brands are well established. All of these are steps in the right direction. But the giant leap that needs to be taken is properly staffing up to ensure that you have digital-savvy soldiers from within your ranks, from the privates to the generals.

Digital is a fast-moving battlefield where the spoils of victory include continuously growing profits and market share. It is always on, and it’s ever changing.

So it would do well to pay full attention to digital. To invest in it now. To consider it as an essential internal part of your business rather than something which can be externally sourced on a yearly basis. Establish an actual platoon to man your digital battle stations instead of relying on a skeleton crew of faceless mercenaries.