Note: article image from the Senyora Twitter account

We Filipinos have a constantly evolving slang or vocabulary. This extends to the online sphere, especially since our country has been dubbed as the social media capital of the world. There are even words which are mostly (and sometimes too frequently) used in online conversations, and are rarely used offline or in person. A good example of this are the five words listed below. If any of these words are new to you, go ask any kid or millenial that you know.


When was the last time you talked to someone (in person) who actually used the word “savage”? Do most of the young folk that use it on their tweets or Facebook posts know what the word even means? If I had to put my own definition, I’d say the words “brutal” or “animalistic” come to mind.

Some kids use the word correctly:

While others unfortunately do not:

Beast Mode

Beast mode is a really good one. I assume it traces its origins to sports (NFL great Marshawn Lynch comes to mind) or maybe video games, or even Transformers: Beast Wars (this show was crazy with its transforming robot dinosaurs). Either way, “beast mode” is used to refer to something or someone incredible, excellent, angrily violent, or superhuman.


In 2016, “slay” doesn’t mean kill or murder as much as it means to do well or even look good in something. To “kill” it so to speak.


Pretty sure “shady” doesn’t refer to the Shady records music label by Eminem. And while the word can still refer to a place with shade/away from sunlight, in the eyes of young Pinoys, it just means suspicious or devious.


We only have Taylor Swift, her girl squad, and their “goals” for singlehandedly placing the word “squad” into the online vocabularies of young people the world over.