Millions of Filipinos are on Twitter, and the love for humor are in pinoys’ nature as well. Similar to other countries however, there is a unique brand of humor that Filipinos love. From cultural references, local jargon, news and current events, and especially show business, quick-witted comics will not run out of material and things to make fun of when it comes to the Philippines. Put witty and comically gifted pinoys on twitter and what you get are accounts that tweet off incredibly funny jokes and responses; and make Filipinos laugh everyday.

Senyora Santibañez

With almost 3 million followers, Senyora Santibañez is one of the most followed Twitter accounts in the Philippines, and the most followed parody account in the land. A quick look at the account’s timeline and it’s easy to see why. Sporting a profile photo of  Mexican actress Chantal Andere, who played the villainous Angelica Santibañez on the original Marimar telenovela in 1994 (a show most young people today may not have seen), she channels the Angelica character’s personality perfectly with arrogant remarks, sarcastic replies, and humorous takes on the country’s current events (with likes and retweets in the thousands).

PNP Tweets

The PNP tweets account is a perfect example of law and order, and public service done with a humorous twist. While the account may sometimes sound like a parody account (try imagining an actual policeman saying things like “Kung pwede ang salitang Sorry, para saan pa ang mga Pulis?“), it does an excellent job of painting the local policemen/mamang pulis in a positive light. Not to mention, public service and security reminders work quite well when it sounds like your kumpare is the one saying them.

Titas of Manila

The definition of “tita” has kind of had an overhaul in the past couple of years. For a long time, the word only served as a noun to refer to our parents’ sisters (aunt), or the wives of our uncles, or female family friends who were about the same age or older than our parents (but not as old as our grandparents). These days, “tita” also serves as an adjective; a catch-all term to describe things usually done by middle-aged women. The Titas of Manila account was the first of the “of Manila” accounts to come about and is still the funniest, as the account broadcasts titas’ penchant for tupperwares, inappropriate questions at family gatherings, and traditional Filipino sayings.

Professional heckler

Professional Heckler’s twitter account is one of the earliest Twitter accounts with a comedic focus, at least in our side of the world. The blogger’s tweets do not lose a beat from his award-winning blog, as he continues to dish out his very funny takes on Philippine politics, sports, and current events.

Hall of fame: Superstar Marian

Now, this account doesn’t tweet at the regularity that it used to but it made sense to still include it in this list as a hall of famer. After all, Superstar Marian was the first parody account that that became really big, riding on the popularity of its real life counterpart and its exceptional smarts and humor. The account nailed the public persona of Marian Rivera perfectly, exaggerating the right traits just enough that the parody never became offensive nor crass. The account’s tweets are also relevant to the goings-on of the real Marian Rivera’s life (getting engaged, having a child, etc.). And to take parody to the next level, it even tweets local and foreign celebrities (as Marian Rivera of course).

Let us know what you think of these five Twitter accounts by sounding off in the comments section. If you follow other laugh-inducing twitter accounts, feel free to share them in the comments section as well.