You know you’re on a Pinoy buy and sell site when you encounter these people. It’s an unavoidable part of trading goods and services in the age of the Facebooks and Instagrams. Even with Lazada and Zalora gaining ground in the ecommerce space, Pinoys are still a cautious bunch and prefer to do deals in person through meet-ups. This can lead to some awkward and funny conversations when trying to score the latest iPhone at a good price, or just selling your car in a Facebook group.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the author’s personal experience and are meant to be a funny look into our Buhay Digital. Any similarities with you or a person you know are purely coincidental, and you should probably be ashamed of yourself.

The Trader

I’ve sold my share of items via OLX, TipidPC, and Facebook groups and you are sure to encounter the Trader, ever willing to part with his wares for yours. It’s a barter, just like how our ancestors traded spears with Magellan and his men in 1521!

Trade sa dog add u cash

Pros: Knows the value of items he’s trading
Cons: There are only so many things you can trade a dog for


It’s fair to say that there is an unwritten social contract wherein you actually READ what you’re trying to buy. When you post something for sale, you specify the item, a description, the price, and where you can do meet-ups for the transaction. The TL;DR does not care about any of these.


Pros: “Sure buyer po, ser!”
Cons: Surely didn’t read a word in your post

The Low-Baller

There’s at least one in every group. In person, people haggle at stores where haggling is common practice. Saving a buck or two is normal, but low-ballers will try to take 90% off whatever you’re selling and expect you to be grateful about it.

low baller

Pros: Responsive and eager to buy your item
Cons: You now question the value of your existence based on how low you went

Anthony Bour-dehins (AKA No Reservations)

Mr. Bour-dehins is an enterprising man and he will not wait for your shit! This person is usually selling a hot, in-demand item and is dealing with multiple private messages at once. Your deal is probably going well and suddenly, the item has already been sold to someone else.

sold na

Pros: Is selling your dream item

Boy Backout

Boy (or girl) Backout exists on both sides of the buyer and seller dimension. You will get a confirmation that the deal will push through. You both agree on a meet-up location, day, and time. Game na! Then comes the last minute text informing you that someone in his or her family died, got into an accident, in the hospital, or a combination of all three. Come on, guy.


Pros: Makes you feel the rush of closing a deal
Cons: This person’s lola has died 17 times this week on OLX alone. Rest in peace.

Mr. Pwede

Typing this out already makes me pull out my hair in frustration. Mr. Pwede is a different breed of buyer – he may or may not read your post like TL;DR, but he doesn’t care. He will try to bend you to his will with every request until your original deal is a husk of its former self.


Pros: Assertiveness is a good trait
Cons: Is the complete opposite of what you want in a deal

Being a good buyer or seller is not hard. Just imagine that you are dealing with a real human being behind the computer. Know any other types of buyers and sellers? Leave a comment below and maybe we’ll talk about it.