Spotify recently created a “Your Top Tracks of 2016” playlist for all its users, which is as amazing as it sounds. All the songs you’ve listened to the most throughout the past year in one nice playlist.

To access the playlist, go to browse, then genre’s and moods, and finally, select 2016 Wrapped (this section also contains playlists for the top songs, artists, and playlists for the Philippines this year).



Spotify will also email users their personal usage stats for 2016. The stats include the total number of songs and artists listened to, and the total length of music played (in minutes). They’ll also send users data on their top artists, songs, genres, and even which day of the week they listened music to the most.





It may take a few weeks until you receive an email with your usage stats. Be sure that your “News and Offers” email notifications are turned on.