Here we are, just a day removed from the 2016 Philippine elections. Now, before we exercise our right to suffrage tomorrow (that’s right to vote for most of us who didn’t go to law school), and mark the end of one the craziest and most eventful election seasons in our country’s history, let’s also remember that there are several election-tailored digital tools at our disposal. These are tools that aim to inform voters, help select/list candidates, and make the voting process easier.

COMELEC Halalan Mobile App (Android)

COMELEC halalan 2016 app

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) partnered with ABS-CBN to develop the COMELEC Halalan 2016 App. According to the app’s page on Google Play:

The COMELEC Halalan 2016 mobile application (“COMELEC App”) created by ABS-CBN aims to allow the public access to election-related information and services through mobile phones and devices. It allows a Filipino voter to check the status of his registration and eligibility for elections, assists him in locating his precinct or polling place, and provides him with information and news related to the coming 2016 Philippine elections.

A May 7, 2016 update also indicated that election results for both national and local positions would be available via the app.

GMA MyKodigo

GMA Mykodigo

Since we’ll be voting for a president, a vice-president, 12 senators, and local officials like congressmen, governor, mayor, and even 12 local councilors, it may be hard to keep track of all the names well have to remember. This is why GMA News Online created the MyKodigo web app. According to GMA, the COMELEC “encourages voters to bring to polling precincts on election day their own kodigo or personal list of the candidates they want to vote for”. Using MyKodigo, “voters can get a printable list of their chosen national and local candidates. Users can fill up digital versions of actual ballots on the site by clicking on the names of their chosen candidates. Once they are done, they can print out a simple form that lists the names of their preferred candidates. Depending on the number of candidates in their district, the kodigo can be printed using one to two pages of 8.5” x 11” paper.”

Bilang Pilipino Ballot Generator

Virtual ballo generator

TV5 also created a similar tool to MyKodigo, called the Bilang Pilipino Ballot Generator. However, the tool only serves as a quick exercise in who to vote for in both national and local positions, as it doesn’t allow printing of your virtual ballot.

GMA Precinct Finder 

GMA Mykodigo

GMA’s precinct finder is “mirror service of the Precinct Finder facility in the official COMELEC Website”. Voters have to enter their personal information and the tool will output their registration information, including the precinct wherein they can vote. There is also an option to print your registration info (a view polling location on map function was present but it didn’t work accordingly during the several times I tested it).

Do you know of other digital tools we could use as we prepare to vote tomorrow? Sound off in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.