The 2016 elections is less than two weeks away.  There have been countless hashtags and trending topics, memes, and of course, the back and forth accusations between presidential candidates. But one thing that we feel deserves more attention is the vast amount of mobile games inspired by the elections and the candidates. While it’s unlikely that the said games will help you decide who to vote for, they do a great job of poking more fun at an election season that in itself may seem like one big joke already. From a Flappy-bird clone to a local version of Subway Surfers, to a game which will remind you of the Family Computer boxing classic Urban Champion, here are the Eleksyon 2016 Mobile Games You Should Play:

Flap Your President

Flap your president

Pumili ng ibon, ipagpag ang pakpak, kumuwa simula 25 sentabo hanggang isang libong piso! pataasan kayo! hehe”

Duterte Fighting Crime

Duterte fighting crimeDuterte fighting crime 2

“Help Duterte fight against the bad guys! Get weapons for destruction, earn badges and teach them lesson to stop the crime!”

HaraRun 2016

“A funny political satire game featuring the likeness of 2016 Philippine Presidential candidates namely: Jejomar Binay (Jojo), Mar Roxas (Maru), Grace Poe (Grasya), Miriam Santiago (Merry), Rodrigo Duterte (Rod) and TV5’s parody Presidential candidate BAYAW! Fast paced and fun endless runner game. RWS Survey Rating showing who’s the most popular candidate! (Sino ang pinipili ng mga Pinoy?). Powerups to improve your game. 100% Pinoy made!”

Ipasok Si Dick

Ipasok si Dick Ipasok si Dick

Ipasok si Dick is a 2d side-scroller game. developed by a team of volunteers.”

Mar Vs Duterte Boxing Fight

The most exciting boxing android game in the Philippines. Mar Vs Duterte vs Binay vs Aquino vs others, most awaited boxing fight.

Rody Fight Duterte for Change

Rody Fight Rody Fight

Can you beat crime, corruption, drugs and smuggling in this level based action game?
Play as Rody Duterte. Featuring a boss fight against a smuggler leader! Punch and kick your way against holdupers and riding in tandems. Destroy pork barrels with your powerful uppercut.
Infiltrate the drug lab and shoot the bad guys! Remove red tapes! Stop all kinds of abusive drivers guilty of using wangwang, swerving, beating the red light, not respecting the pedestrian lane and overspeeding. All this in 6 months!”


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