Newly elected president Rodrigo Duterte has a lot of things on his plate as he prepares to lead the Philippines. Known for his work as a long-term mayor of Davao City, he was elected on a campaign that championed anti-crime and anti-drugs policies, as well as quick and practical solutions to problems plaguing the country.

Back in March, CNN Philippines paid a visit to mayor Duterte’s house in Davao. Apart from the very modest home that’s a stark contrast to the lavish mansions Filipino politicians usually live in, another thing that caught my eye was that the Dutertes’ living room had an Xbox 360 console and a Kinect accessory:

CNN Philippines Rodrigo Duterte House xbox 360 kinect

To be specific, the Xbox 360 model they had was a black Xbox 360 slim, which can be seen together with the Kinect motion-gaming accessory below:

xbox 360 slim kinect

Now, in all seriousness, the safe assumption is that the Xbox 360 actually belongs to Mr. Duterte’s 12-year-old daughter Veronica. However, the thought of the tough, fiery, 71-year-old soon to be president gaming on the Xbox 360 is very interesting. I’m pretty sure his favorite genre would be first-person shooter. But what would his favorite games be? Call of Duty? Battlefield? And what of the kinect accessory? I’m sure he could use it to play Just Dance or Dance Central to exercise. But what would really be good is if the president-elect faced off in a racing game (Mr. Duterte likes motorcyles) against outgoing president/spoiled haciendero Noynoy Aquino before he leaves Malacañang Palace for good.

PNOY racing