Find Online Jobs Using These Filipino-Friendly Websites

We are living in a truly digital age and this allows us to do almost anything online. From booking flights or cab rides, bank transactions, buying and selling used items, and even finding rooms or apartments for rent halfway across the globe. This online empowerment also allows us to work from the comfort of our homes, free from the hassles of a daily commute and an office job with co-workers we may or may not like.

Filipinos now have several options when it comes to finding online jobs (and multiple payment options too). Of course, a lot of work from home jobs deal with work that can be done remotely, such as writing, social media management, programming, software testing/QA, graphic design, search engine optimization, and content management among others.

Now, whether it’s full time or part time (freelance) online work you’re after, these websites will help you find the job that’s right for you: is a long-running website that’s tailor-made for Filipinos who want to find work online. The site claims to have 150,000 members, and that it’s the number one destination for businesses who want to outsource to the Philippines. It also uses an identification system to ease concerns about scams. Lastly, the site’s homepage is quite informative, and the user experience of finding an online job you can take on is pretty good as well.



Local job site Kalibrr advertises itself as the “easiest, most convenient way to look for a job”. Sure enough, the site is making a good case for itself with features such as the “work from home” location filter. After registration, all you have to do is select the said filter and click on search, and all the online/work from home jobs currently posted will be displayed.



Upwork is the world’s largest job market for online freelancers. It has a vast amount of freelance jobs, and enables users to build their freelance work portfolio (and pay grade). The Upwork website is also modern, functional, and easy to use. The Filipino community on Upwork is thriving, even having career day events in different locations.