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The 21st century world that we live in is a digital one. Most of the people walking on the face of the Earth are connected digitally, and digital technologies, services, media, and trends have had an impact on most aspects of our lives. The smartphone generation grows bigger every day, people young and old always on their phones tweeting about the latest trending topic, liking posts or selfies, or playing the currently popular free to play game. Public transportation has been revolutionized thanks to apps like Uber and Grab. Airbnb has turned hotels and accommodations upside down. Spotify has streamlined music streaming (even making music downloads an afterthought for some). The digital world we now inhabit has led us to live digital lifestyles. And In the Philippines, where over one hundred million people reside, digital lifestyles are in full swing.

We Filipinos are of course no strangers to a connected and digitally-powered life. Our country has been dubbed as the social media capital of the world, and a digital lifestyle capital in the making. And how can we even doubt these claims when all we have to do is check our phones, be it a cherry mobile or the latest iPhone, and see the most frequently used apps being Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Or go to the nearest comp shop to see most people either on Facebook or playing DOTA (open time po). If you see some taxis on the way to the comp shop or on your way back home, chances are they’ll have Grab/GrabTaxi stickers on their windshields. And let’s not forget about Dubsmash, a mobile app which skyrocketed Yaya Dub to fame, fortune, millions of #aldub tweets, and countless trending topics.

So where does this website come in? Well, it aims to put it all together. Create meaningful stories that explore the digital lifestyles of Filipinos. Share news, features, and tips about digital technologies (websites, apps, etc.), services, media, and trends, and how they can help Filipinos live better lives. Spotlight local startups that have interesting or groundbreaking ideas. And spark conversations about where digital lifestyle in the Philippines is heading.

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